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We are a collaborative, respectful, nurturing community which provides quality teaching and learning experiences. All students are challenged to reach their full potential in a safe and happy academic and social environment.
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Stage 3 Genius Hour Movie Trailer

Creepy Kids Please use the link above to view the student's clip. A commentary written by one of the participants : Our video is about a school that gets over-run by a zombie. The main thing we learnt from our video is, team work... Read more

'Clash of Clans' - a Movie Clip

Another Stage 2 group of students have produced a clip during their Genius Hour project time. It can be viewed via the link provided. https://youtu.be/m7z-5kLdv8M... Read more

'Snake Hunters' Stage 2 Genius Hour Movie Clip

'Snake Hunters' can be viewed at https://youtu.be/MgGU0PUF-K4... Read more